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Joyce Cotter

President; Organization Chair

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Kincardine Township, as the youngest of five children, Joyce Cotter fondly remembers making mud pies, building forts in the hayloft and calling the cows in for supper. Through Junior Farmers, Joyce met her husband Paul and they have been married for 34 years. They are blessed with two sons Brent and Shane, daughter–in-law Karla and granddaughter Millicent.

Joyce was confirmed in the United Church but joined the Catholic Church in 1991. Joyce sings in the choir, is part of the collection counting team, and St. Vincent de Paul. She has been a member of The Catholic Women’s League for 28 years at St. Joseph, Fergus. 

At council level, Joyce served as resolutions/legislation chair, president for 5 years, and past president. Joyce held the position of Kitchener regional chair, and was elected to diocesan spiritual development chair, 2nd vice-president and Christian family life chair, president-elect and organization chair.  She is currently serving as Hamilton Diocesan President. 

Joyce has worked with the public for over 27 years as a cashier at Zehrs. She loves to read, watch movies, listen to music and is a football fan. 

Joyce feels privileged to be a part of The Catholic Women’s League. Her life has been enriched by the gifts of friendship, of purpose in serving the Lord, and seeing Christ through member’s action. She believes all members can make a difference and hopes to inspire and encourage you to share your gifts and faith within your council, parish and community.

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Teresa DiFalco

First Vice President; Spiritual Development Chair

Teresa was born and raised in Hamilton, and has called Stoney Creek her home for the past 30 years. Teresa is a middle child and was raised Catholic by two loving parents. She is married to her soulmate and childhood sweetheart Cal, a Fourth Degree Knight. Together they have one daughter who is married and has blessed them with a grand-daughter. In 2020, Teresa will proudly celebrate her 40th year as a member of the Catholic Women's League. Her family is five generations deep in the League. Teresa has served in many capacities in the League at both Diocesan and Parish levels.

Church ministry has always been ubiquitous in Teresa's life. She continues to serve in many capacities including as Director for Music and Liturgy, as an Extraordinary Minister of Communion, as a Cantor/Psalmist, Choir Director, Adorer, Anointed Vocalist, and also participates in other ministries and committees. For decades Teresa has been studying and directing liturgy and holds designations in Catholic Theology and Church Liturgy, and is currently studying Church Doctrine.

Serving the people of God is a trait that defines Teresa. Her greatest attributes are integrity, compassion, kindness, being just, loyal and humble. Her heart is most content when she is in service to God's people, especially to those most in need. For the past 35 years Teresa has been known as a compassionate and effective advocate for social and environmental justice. She was named Citizen of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce, and received the Sesquicentennial Constituent Award from House of Commons for her service to community. Teresa co-founded and incorporated an Association for Safe and Healthy Communities and currently serves as its President. She stays involved in community through advocacy, politics, and serving on committees and boards. She is also an innovative and effective charitable fundraiser.

Teresa finds peace in the stillness of prayer. Her safe place is in her husband's arms (yes, she is a romantic). She loves angels and loves giving and receiving hugs. Teresa finds joy in being around family and friends, gardening, cooking, interior design, studying, traveling and laughing. Music is prevalent in Teresa's life, a trait that runs in her bloodline. She enjoys singing in choirs, as a lead singer in a praise and worship band, an anointed soloist in a healing ministry duo, and as a lead female singer in a special events band.

Teresa has enjoyed a long professional career in public service where she worked as a Senior Executive and Strategist with the Ontario Government in Queen's Park. She also worked in private sector, including as a Publisher. Teresa feels blessed to have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of law, governance, policy/procedure, parliamentary procedure, strategic planning and implementation, finance, issues management, human rights, health and long-term care, labour relations, communications & marketing, team building, and operations. Additionally, Teresa has a keen sense of political acuity and is known for her strong problem solving and critical-thinking skills. She uses these skills, knowledge and God given gifts in service to others, primarily working pro-bono to help the most vulnerable. As she puts it "I work hard for the cause not for the cash". Teresa is a firm believer in Saint Peter's passage "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful servants of God's grace in its various forms." 1 Peter 4:10

Teresa is honoured to serve as your Hamilton Diocesan First Vice-President responsible for Spiritual Development.

Laura Grint


This women always has a smile on her face (even if she’s not ok, or if she’s puzzling something from intuition). She is an activist wherever she goes. She is always one to question an injustice, seek sounding boards in an effort to understand, and always fight for the little guy/gal. Apparently it is by design that she moves up a ladder not of her own volition but by some force (maybe anti-gravity) to higher positions.

This woman was born in Hamilton’s north end (St. Mary’s pro Cathedral parish) and then moved east to (St. Luke’s parish area in 1972) is the wife of Mark for 37 years (5 year apprenticeship) and the mother of three boys, Derek and Ashley, Christopher and Amanda, and Michael and Jenn.   Not always a quiet household.  She thinks God gave her boys (not to carry on the family name, but that too) but because she couldn’t do girls hair, (the hair part being attested to by her granddaughter).   She has two beautiful grandchildren Breanne 14 and Konnor 12 years old and one new grandchild on the way.   In 1985 they moved from Hamilton to Cambridge, Derek being born in Hamilton and Christopher and Michael being born in Cambridge. 

Most of her working life was based in secretarial positions, as we moved from the typing age into the computer era.  Not one to be left behind this woman enrolled in her second night class at GCI at the age of 24 and learned how to program along with 20 odd other adults who didn’t want to be left behind in their careers either as companies transitioned.  Which lead her to be a credit reporter for the Credit Bureau of Kitchener and Waterloo.  When the boys were growing up shewas home for a while but still remained busy in the community in neighbourhood centres, school councils, and part of the “Secret Service of the Catholic Women’s League” until in the 26thyear when she was called up into service.  She now has 40 years to her accreditation. 

This woman took out her membership at 17 for $2.00 and was reimbursed by her paternal grandmother when she returned from church, not that she was expecting it but because she believed in the works of the League.  She thought it would befun just to belong.  Her paternal grandmother would have made a great Legislation Chair or Resolution Chair, as she always kept her nose to politics, but stayed home to care for her mother and 4th son who was born with Spina–bifida.   The parish always wanted her to run as president.  All of the women in her families were proud Catholic Women’s League members, her maternal great grandmother being born in 1889 and a convert to the faith.

This woman loves to read (transitioned from romance to healthy lifestyles ugh), spent two years life guarding at Camp Brebuef as a teenager (she thinks her father thought distance might help things! Lol)  and that was real service and also outlined her current work with special needs children now.  She loves to swim, share acup of tea (please go and share a cup sometime), time with friends (especially going to Costco with Jackie the return queen) and getting a Costco ice cream, travelling with her sister(s) in the car (she can only live with her bio sister for 10 days tops! and she knows this. Lol), she loves to cook and especially bake and dislikes the clean up. 

She loves watching the results of encouraging other women to their best potential and seeing results.  She only drinks wine out of wine glasses, no plastic and has different cups for coffee and tea.

This woman is Laura Grint!

Julia Calverley


Julia Calverley is your representative on the Hamilton Diocesan Council of the Catholic Women’s League for the position of Treasurer. This is her second term in this position. She brings many years of experience from the private sector (in her family’s home building companies – Brazolot Homes and Victory Oak Homes) and her work at the parish level. She is looking forward to working with this new Executive Council.

Julia joined and was one of the original members in 1989, of the Catholic Women’s Council at Our Lady of Lourdes, Kingston, but had worked alongside members of the League for many years at the then Church of Our Lady, Guelph, when her mother was President, Past-President and then President again. As she had young children in those early years, she was a “card holding member” only - until years later, when her husband, Gary (working for the Ministry of Correctional Services) was moved to Guelph and they joined the Church of Our Lady.  Here Julia held positions as Treasurer, Christian Family Life, Community Life, President and Past-President.

Julia is from a large boisterous family and it is her love of family (and chaos) that makes her an energetic, enthusiastic, caring person. She is willing to learn and teamwork is important to her. Her friends in the League are her sisters BY CHOICE! Julia loves to try every kind of craft – card making, stain glass, sewing, quilting, crocheting, etc. and if not doing crafts, she is spoiling her new twin granddaughters.


Joan Schurter

Past President

Growing up on a dairy farm in Bruce County, Joan’s parents instilled the values of hard work and helping others. Using these guiding principles, she was guided to a career as a teacher and later a special education teacher, while raising 3 daughters with her husband Michael. Joan has always volunteered within her parish family, and with organizations such as 4H, Girl Guides of Canada, and Sunnyside Senior’s Home.

Having only brothers in her family, Joan followed in her mother’s footsteps and joined the St. Anthony Daniel Catholic Women's League council. As her love of the League grew, she served in a variety of roles on her parish, regional and diocesan councils and has just completed her two-year term as your Hamilton Diocesan president. During these two years, Joan had the pleasure of meeting so many of her wonderful sisters in the League and sharing her League journey with them. She truly believes that one ofthe most precious gifts of the League is the friendship one makes along the way.

The support of Joan’s sisters in the League had a personal impact at the passing of her daughter Lisa five years ago. The power of faith and community helped her with each step she took before, during and after. Joan will be forever grateful to you, her sisters.

Joan treasures spending time with her two daughters (and sons-in-law) and three precious granddaughters and enjoys her passion for reading.

The Catholic Women’s League has truly been a blessing in Joan’s life.


Chris McKenzie

Christian Family Life

Chris McKenzie is honored to serve as Christian Family Life Chair for the 2019-2021 term. She is looking forward to learning and growing with the Catholic Woman’s League.

Chris moved to Waterloo in 2009 following the death of her husband and joined Catholic Woman’s League in 2011. She was actively recruited to the position of spiritual development chair and served as president and past president at St. Michael’s Parish Waterloo.

Chris was raised in a Catholic home in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia where faith development, education and an understanding of religious freedom was taught and lived. Dignity and respect of all individuals was emphasized. A bedroom off the dining room in her family home was often utilized for the elderly or dying as sanctity of life from conception to death was modeled.  All were God’s children.

Following high school Chris attended St Rita’s School of Nursing in Sydney, Nova Scotia and had the privilege of spending three years with the Sisters of Charity What a formation for life as a nurse.

Chris married and she and Ray have two lovely daughters as well as two grandchildren

In pursuit of further learning, she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Ottawa and a Diploma in Emergency Nursing from Algonquin College.

The Mission Statement of the Catholic Woman’s League of Canada, “The Catholic Women's League of Canada calls its members to grow in faith, and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service.” speaks to the core of who Chris is!  She is so honoured to serve in this League.


Joanne Palmer

Community Life

Joanne lives in Hamilton and has been a member of the Catholic Women’s League since 2012 and a member of St. Catherine of Siena Parish [Our Lady of Lourdes] since 1990. She has been married to her husband Robert for 31 years and they have one daughter Ashley who is also a League member.

Besides spending time with her family, she volunteers and coaches for Special Olympics. Joanne got involved with Special Olympics because of her daughter. Ashley has been an athlete for the past 6 years.

She is also active in her parish by being a lector, minister of communion and baptismal preparation. If you were to ask people who know Joanne they would say she is a very caring and loving person. She is very passionate in all that she does and is willing to help whenever she can. 

Joanne is very passionate in her job as an educational assistant for the Catholic School Board of Hamilton. When working with her students it gives her a warm feeling when she sees a smile on their faces in what they have accomplished either big or small. Joanne is looking forward to the next two years as she continues on the Hamilton Diocesan Catholic Women’s League. 


Diane Jones

Education and Health

What day are we on, she would ask herself. After retiring from a 40 year teaching career, Diane Jones can be forgiven for forgetting the days of the week. Who has not occasionally had to focus back on the calendar to see what is going on for the day? Or even just to check if it is Monday?

After teaching for so many years in the classroom - from typing and shorthand to grade nine and ten religious studies, these last five years of being retired have Diane filling her days with many different things. Most days, she spends her mornings drinking coffee, reading, watching The View, the news before settling down to some gardening, or some quick errands, or volunteering all over Guelph. Diane says she could not be happier and is constantly counting her blessings. Living so close to the University of Guelph, she took two Spanish courses recently and is thinking of registering for an Italian course... if the League doesn't keep her busy!

Diane is always finding things to keep her busy, even if it's just counting steps on her fit bit! Her days are entertained with her daughter's fur babies - two cats and a cute chihuahua. As a parishioner at the Basilica of Our Lady she has helped with the Children's Liturgy, been on the Sunday senior choir. She sings at the funeral masses as well as helps with clean up at the funeral lunches. Diane is Past President of the Catholic Women's League, extra ordinary minister of holy communion, Greeter at the Sunday masses at the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate and a volunteer on the Parish Picnic Committee.

Being an active parishioner encourages her to be a better Catholic and deepen her faith. She is looking forward to working on the Education and Health portfolio. With a love of learning, this is definitely a good fit for Diane! In the coming months, she is hoping to spend more time attending Adoration on Tuesdays and keeping in constant contact with her siblings. As the oldest of seven - Dolly, Doris, Dale, Darlene and brothers, Dan and David, just keeping in touch can take all day.

Oh, it looks like the babies are stirring - the dog Diego, cats, Dani and Dreya are eyeing her -must be time to feed them... and, of course, grab a snack for herself.


Mary Clark


Name and face look familiar? You have seen and heard from her over the past four years as a member of the Hamilton Diocesan Council. Her first term 2015-2017 as Community Life Chairperson and her second term 2017-2019 as Recording Secretary. Elected as a Standing Committee Chair at the May 2019 Convention, Mary has accepted the position of Communication Chairperson for the 2019-2021 term, along with being a team player in supporting her fellow Diocesan Officers and Executive.

Mary was born at St. Joseph Hospital, Guelph and has lived in the Elora area the majority of her lifetime. She and her husband Paul have been married for 39 years. They have three children, Christopher, Jessica and Jennifer, along with their significant others and two grand daughters Sophie and Emily.

Mary's mother (God rest her soul) enrolled her into the Catholic Women's League in 1976 after graduating from college. She enrolled her two daughters members since the ages of 18 and 16,  by using the example set out by her Mother. Thanks to a very understanding husband and supportive family, she has served on the executive of St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Women's League, Elora as Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Organization Chair, Pres-Elect, Co-President and President. She works full time in the accounting department at DeBoer's Farm Equipment, Elora. An evening or two a week, she does the bookkeeping for St. Mary Immaculate Church, Elora and its Mission parish St. Martin of Tours, Drayton. She spends her spare time with her family and friends, reading and volunteering in other areas in and outside of her faith community. Even though life can be stressful at times and she questions why she keeps saying "Yes" when asked, she enjoys keeping busy and being out there giving of her time and supporting others. YES SHE DOES SLEEP, WHEN THE HEAD HITS THE PILLOW SHE IS OUT LIKE A LIGHT!

Mary is looking forward to the next two years with God's help and your prayers to keep you informed of events happening in the Diocese through the Diocesan website and other media means. She will be publishing two issues of the Spectrum, Spring and Fall. If you have any news worthy items, please email her at communications@cwlhamilton.ca. She will continue to promote the "Pornography Hurts Campaign" and is asking for your monetary support so that the League may continue to make the public aware of this ongoing issue. She asks you to stay in touch and communicate with her either by email, a phone call and even snail mail.

Through the guidance of Our Lady of Good Counsel let us communicate to others the work we do for God and Canada.

Father Larry Parent

Rev. Larry Parent

Spiritual Advisor

My full name is Lawrence Paul Parent and I hail from Kitchener, ON. As Catholic education goes, I checked all of the boxes with St. Anne’s Elementary School (St. Anne’s parish was where I attended with my family until I left for seminary), St. Jerome’s High School, St. Jerome’s University for philosophy (General BSc. in Chemistry from U of Waterloo) and St. John’s Seminary in Boston MA for ordination to the priesthood.

I was a Franciscan friar for almost twenty five years and moved back to this area in 2015 to be closer to family and to incardinate into the Hamilton Diocese. I have been pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish in Kitchener for the past six years where we have a long standing and active CWL council with Judy Knight as our president.

The pandemic has provided its own set of challenges in providing spiritual care to the Diocesan CWL council, but I thank the ladies for being patient with my learning curve and look forward to continuing with the council as we slowly open up and the pandemic loses its stronghold over us.

God bless,

Fr. Larry



Francesca Simone

Kitchener Regional Chair, North Regional Chair

Greetings, ladies. I would like to present the new Regional Secretary, Francesca Simone. She is a lady of a certain age which means that she remembers how to type with ten fingers rather than just two. She has been a Catholic Women's League member for the past sixteen years.

For part of those years, she has served on the St. Francis Xavier executive in many capacities:  Education and Health Committee Chair, Communications Committee Chair, Legislation Committee Chair, Social Committee Chair, and Recording Secretary. For the past four years, she held the position of St. Francis Xavier President and now has moved to the past president position. As one can see, she has worn many hats on this parish League executive.

Francesca is a former teacher who taught, for most of her life, for the Dufferin-Peel Board. She started out teaching in Hamilton but, then was offered a permanent position in Mississauga so she continued her teaching career there. She taught all grades but, loved the Sacramental Grades the most. It is truly rewarding teaching children who will soon meet Jesus in the Sacraments.

One thing that Francesca loves is travel. At one time or another, she has travelled all over the world. She loves animals and has been able to get very close to many species of animals throughout the world. One day, she even met an elephant in her chalet garden! Every day, different animals could be seen eating the various vegetables in the garden and, some, even posed for photos (as long as they were undisturbed). Oh, the adventures! 

One place where she loved to travel, was the Holy Land. It is such an inspirational place –to walk where our Lord had journeyed. Words can barely express the peace that one feels on the Mount of the Beatitudes where Jesus spoke to the crowd. One humorous event did happen to her there, though.  Because she cannot swim, she almost drowned in the Dead Sea.

As has been stated, Francesca loves animals. She is even a member of the Hamilton Parrot Club and has rescued many birds in the last few years. Right now, she is housing two birds who had been through a very rough life before she took them in.

Francesca finds joy in most things. She finds that creation is a gift to be cherished. The Lord has given her many things – for all of which she is grateful.

Some things that she finds intolerable, are hypocrisy and hatred. According to her, it cheapens the person. There are too many wonderful things in this world to let the evil remain.

There will be missteps along the way but, with the Lord’s help, she will be able to complete her position to the best of her ability.

Kathy Imperatore

Hamilton Regional Chair, Brant Regional Chair

Bio to come.
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