Contact our current Officers and Regional Chairs and Secretaries through the following email addresses

President Joyce Cotter
President Elect Teresa DiFalco
First Vice President Laura Grint
Second Vice President Joanne Palmer
Secretary Kim Ansty
Treasurer Mary Clark
Past President Historian VACANT
Spiritual Development Laura Grint
Organization Teresa DiFalco
Christian Family Life Joanne Palmer
Community Life Mary Mutiibwa
Communications VACANT
Education & Health Francesca Simone
Resolutions Mary Helwig Hall
Legislation Kathryn Imperatore
Brant Regional chair Colleen Ionson
Hamilton Regional chair Colleen Ionson
Kitchener Regional chair Joanne Gregson
North Regional chair Nancy Skiba
Spiritual Advisor Father Ranjan D’Sa


St. Basil, Brantford h-048 Donna Kane
St. Joseph, Brantford h-099 Carol Krempa
St. Mary, Brantford h-023 Angela Rowley
St. Pius X, Brantford h-091 Patricia McDougall
Blessed Sacrament, Burford h-002 Donna Walsweer
Sacred Heart, Paris h-032 Donna Campbell
St. Anthony Daniel, Scotland h-045 Joan Kegels
Holy Rosary, Burlington h-012 Barbara MacIsaac
St. Gabriel, Burlington h-058 Kathy Hamilton
St. John the Baptist, Burlington h-065 Lorraine Skinner
St. Patrick, Burlington h-089 Portia Gardiner
St. Paul the Apostle, Burlington h-026 Shelley Monaco/Susan Williams
St. Raphael, Burlington h-092 Leony Hettinger/Helen Sheehan
St. Augustine, Dundas h-047 Phyllis Missett
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Freelton h-021 Judy Van Schyndel
Holy Cross, Georgetown h-008 Michele Meitz/Leslie Rutherford
Most Blessed Sacrament, Hamilton h-003 Lucille Dicenso
Canadian Martyrs, Hamilton h-004 Tracy McCormick
Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, Hamilton h-005 Christine Bruno
Corpus Christi, Hamilton h-007 Barbara Fanson
Our Lady of Lourdes, Hamilton h-019 Marie Ssemanda
Regina Mundi, Hamilton h-025 Dolores Morrallee
Sacred Heart, Hamilton h-028 Church secretary (contact person)
St. Anthony of Padua, Hamilton h-044 Josie Cooke
St. Eugene, Hamilton h-054 Angela Rzazewski
St. Gregory the Great, Hamilton h-100 Rosemary Sustersic
St. John the Baptist, Hamilton h-066 Lisa White (secretary)
St. Lawrence the Martyr, Hamilton h-075 Maureen Walton
St. Luke, Hamilton h-104 Rosanne Sogan
St. Margaret Mary, Hamilton h-076 Ann McConnell
St. Patrick, Hamilton h-088 Evelyn Shoemaker
St. Stanislaus Kostka, Hamilton h-093 Regina Mietus
Holy Rosary, Milton h-014 Mary-Lou Nerbonne
St. Benedict, Milton h-111 Lily Gall
Mary Mother of God, Oakville h-108 Pierette Ryan
St. Andrew, Oakville h-039 Yvette Vukanovich
St. Dominic, Oakville h-053 Wendy Rutherford
St. Matthew, Oakville h-109 Jeanne Wilson
St. Michael, Oakville h-096 Maris Di Filippo (past president)
Our Lady of the Assumption, Stoney Creek h-024 Maricris Cubacub
St. Francis Xavier, Stoney Creek h-057 Louise Castellani
St. Thomas the Apostle, Waterdown h-097 Sonia Vilar
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Winona h-016 Ilaria Paletta
St. Joseph, Patron of Canada, Acton h-022 Christie deSouza
St. John the Evangelist, Arthur h-067 Mary Jo Marshall (past president)
St. Clement, Cambridge h-051 Cecilia MacEachen
St. Gregory the Great, Cambridge h-059 Lisa Chippindale
St. Mary of the Visitation, Cambridge h-085 Carol O’Brien
St. Patrick, Cambridge h-087 Joan Amodeo
St. Martin of Tours, Drayton h-078 Eileen Downey/Marg Driscoll
St. Teresa of Avila, Elmira h-094 Barb Vodicka
St. Mary Immaculate, Elora h-083 Joanne Krueger
St. Joseph, Fergus h-069 Judy Daniel
Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate, Guelph h-006 Tara Bauer
Holy Rosary, Guelph h-013 Catherine Whyte
Sacred Heart, Guelph h-027 Iole Cazzola
St. Joseph, Guelph h-070 Wendy Synnott
Sacred Heart, Kenilworth h-029 Sally Skura
Blessed Sacrament, Kitchener h-064 Judy Knight
St. Aloysius, Kitchener h-037 Lorraine Jacke
St. Anthony Daniel, Kitchener h-105 Roma Talboon
St. Francis of Assisi, Kitchener h-055 Sandy Milne (contact person)
St. John, Kitchener h-063 Wende Bedirian
St. Joseph, Kitchener h-072 Marie Simpson
St. Mark, Kitchener h-042 Anna Joseph
St. Mary, Kitchener h-080 Lani Courchesne/Lynda Munz
St. Teresa of Avila, Kitchener h-095 Mary Alice Zister
St. Boniface, Maryhill h-049 Frances Vegh
Holy Family, New Hamburg h-011 Beth Kress
Our Lady of Fatima/Sacred Heart & St. Peter’s Mission, Rockwood & Oustic h-018 Marian DeWinter
St. Agatha, St. Agatha h-035 Theresa Bisch
Our Lady of Lourdes, Waterloo h-020 Patrycja Wiecek
St. Agnes, Waterloo h-036 Julie Nafziger
St. Louis, Waterloo h-077 Donna Herbstreit
St. Michael, Waterloo h-086 Shani Pregelj
St. Joseph, Cargill h-068 Marlene Zettler
Mary Immaculate, Chepstow h-017 Evelyn Walter
St. Ann, Chesley h-103 Jane Godin
Our Lady of the Rosary, Proton-Melancthon) h-073 Monika Borner Fachnie
St. Peter & St. Paul, Durham h-101 Kathryn McManus
Immaculate Conception, Formosa h-015 Linda Freiburger
St. John, Glenelg h-061 Elly Pennings
Holy Family, Hanover h-010 Diane McNichol (past president)
St. Anthony of Padua, Kincardine h-046 Emily Lutz
Sacred Heart, Mildmay h-031 Janice Grubb
St. Mary of the Purification, Mount Forest h-082 Colleen Dalla Costa
St. Mary of the Assumption, Owen Sound h-084 Vicki Lee
St. Joseph, Port Elgin h-112 Lucie Desbiens
Sacred Heart, Teeswater h-033 Jean Culliton
Sacred Heart, Walkerton h-034 Deborah Hicks
St. Thomas Aquinas, Wiarton h-102 Ruth Ditner
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