The Catholic Women's League presents various awards at our conventions.  See Awards

Parish councils are asked to notify the National Office as soon as possible upon the death of one of their members.  Send Report

Handbooks and Manuals

Constitution and Bylaws:  The 2013 revised edition of the Constitution and Bylaws (C&B) has been provided by our National Office.

Crossword:  Try this simple crossword to better understand the executive and their responsibilities.

Letterhead:  This is the current Diocesan letterhead we use for League business. Please use this letterhead for your official letter writing; however, you should add your parish council name, address and phone number. NOTE:  Save and rename this Microsoft Word document into a known directory before using.

Executive Handbook:  A guide to the various positions within the Catholic Women's League including the President, Treasurer, Secretary, Past President and various standing committees.

Motions:  Form for motions in the Hamilton Diocese

Policy and Procedures Manuals: These manuals are intended as a convenient reference for local council presidents and members:
National Manual of Policy and Procedures - provided by our National organization
Diocean Policy and Procedures Manual - covers the policies and procedures currently in effect for the Hamilton Diocesan Catholic Women's League

We have to take the future into our own hands; pay attention to the signs of the times and study statistics that confirm what we already instinctively know.  See Strategic Plan

Complete the form with the information for each member of your Parish Council Executive.
By Mail:  Save this Word Doc and send the completed form to the Diocesan Organization Chair
Online:  Complete the Parish Council Executive Form on our website

Pornography Hurts

Started locally in 1997, the Pornography Hurts campaign is supported by both the Catholic Women's League and the Knights of Columbus. Get involved in our anti-pornography campaign by mailing a postcard to the Federal government.  See Postcard

Recent updates from our standing committees including Spiritual Development, Community Life, Education and Health, Communications and more. See Recent Reports and Directives


SPECTRUM, our semi-annual Diocesan newsletter, comes out in March and September. Copies may be pre-ordered from the Diocesan Communications Chair prior to publishing. Back issues are only available here and will not be reprinted. There may be slight differences between the published version and the electronic copy here. If this is the case, the most current copy is available below.

2023:  2023 January Spectrum.  •  2023 March Spectrum.
2022:  2022 Fall Spectrum.  •  2022 November Spectrum.
2021:  2021 Spring Spectrum
2020:  2020 Spring Spectrum
2019:  2019 Fall Spectrum  •  2019 Spring Spectrum
2018:  2018 Fall Spectrum  •  2018 Spring Spectrum
2017:  2017 Fall Spectrum  •  2017 Spring Spectrum

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