Community Life Directive #11

On behalf our Provincial Community Life Chair I am forwarding the following message.
I am sending this information at the request of Ontario Provincial President, Anne Madden

Re: Development & Peace

While the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (CCCB) review of Development & Peace’s (D&P) practices in relation to choosing its partners is ongoing, many dioceses are proceeding with the annual Share Lent collection. Members should
enquire with their dioceses to know if the collection is authorized. Include a letter when sending in funds to indicate that the 52+ programs under review by the CCCB are not included.

The National Council of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada has suspended the voluntary fund for D&P until the CCCB’s audit is completed. No monies are being collected for the 1% program at this time.

Following in the footsteps of Mary,

Laura Grint
Community Life Chair

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