Communications Directive #3

Dear Sisters in the League,

I must first apologize for having taken so long to issue this directive. As I am sure many of you have experienced how time just seems to fly by, and no matter how much you mean to do something, other tasks take over.

Well as they always say, “better late than never”; so here is my overdue directive. I think it is important to pass on some items from recent directives I have received from both my provincial counterpart, Marie-Theresa Lamphier, as well as my national counterpart, Doreen Gowans.

Doreen announced that the League has been gifted a new “Mandatory Age Verification for Adult Pornographic Websites” pornography hurts postcard from the B.C. & Yukon Provincial Council. The postcard is available on the national website, ready to be printed. This postcard incorporates:

Resolution 2017.02
Mandatory Age Verification Mechanisms for Adult Pornographic Websites
The brief and action plan are also available on the national website. Encourage members, friends and parishioners to send the postcards, no postage required, to the Prime Minister, members of parliament and the Federal Minister of Justice. If you
include a question on the postcard it prompts the recipient to reply. A tip also: if you put your postcard in an envelope, the envelope is registered when received by the government department, and they then need to acknowledge it with a reply.

Doreen also reminded us about two important dates:

  • World Communications Day June 2, 2019 — which coincides with the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord. For more information google World Communications Day 2019
  • Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel Friday April 26, 2019 — Once again, The League is sponsoring a mass on Vision TV, offered for living and deceased members and spiritual advisors. Taping will take place at Loretto Abbey Chapel, 101 Mason Blvd, Toronto on Thursday April 11, 2019 at 4.00 p.m. Check local television listings for air times.

Marie-Theresa thanked everyone for the wonderful contributions to the Warmth & Comfort project. From Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 last year, 37,465 pairs of socks, 2,812 jars of peanut butter and 2, 896 boxes of crackers were collected. Well done Ontario! You can view pictures on Facebook. Enter “#opccwlwarmthandcomfortproject” in the search field. She also encourages you to sign up for the online newsletter on the provincial website.

As you know by now, our theme this year is Care for our Common Home. Both Doreen and Marie-Theresa want us to be aware that National President, Anne-Marie Gorman, would like members’ focus to be on conserving water in the first year of her term. Canadians are fortunate to have water, and for the most part lots of it; but if not looked after, then grandchildren and future generations may not have such a plentiful resource. Beginning March 22, 2019, World Water Day, you will be asked to take steps to reduce your water consumption and conserve water for future generations. A poster will be posted on the provincial website outlining 10 steps you can take.

Finally, I encourage you to fully read each issue of “The Canadian League” magazine you receive as part of your membership in the CWL. As well, please be sure to frequently visit all three of the following websites for lots of important and useful information, to view online newsletters and to read the full directives of all officers and chairs.


I look forward to seeing many of you at the Hamilton Diocesan Convention, May 24-26, at the Delta Guelph Hotel and Convention Centre. This is an election year, so I encourage anyone eligible to run for a position on the Diocesan level to do so. It is rewarding to serve your Sisters in The League. I have enjoyed my term as Communications Chairperson.

Patti Pagett
[email protected]
188 Moore Avenue
Kitchener ON N2H 3S8

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