Membership Dues, Budgets, and Annual Meetings

Dear Members:

One of the roles of the Diocesan Executive Council is to provide information, direction and support to our parish councils, and to ensure that parish councils are operating in compliance with our League’s governing documents.

As we wind down another year, we wanted to remind parish councils that membership fees are due by January 1st each year. Please refer to Part VII and Part XVII, Section 4 (a) of the League’s Constitution & Bylaws.

The timing of paying membership fees by January 1st is particularity important since Parish Councils are directed to hold their Annual Meeting of Members in either January or February each year. Elections are to take place at the Annual Meeting of Members. Ten percent of the voting members of the council shall constitute a quorum. Please refer to Part XlV: Section 2 (c), (d) and (e) of the League’s Constitution & Bylaws.

A member in good standing, meaning their membership fees are paid by Jan 1st, may exercise their rights to vote, nominate, be nominated for office, and receive due notices for league meetings. Every member in good standing shares the same rights and responsibilities, no matter how long they have been a member. A member who has not paid their membership fee, is not considered a member until their membership fee is paid. Please refer to Part VII Section 1 (a), and Part XVII, Section 4 of the League’s Constitution & Bylaws.

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is a federally incorporated association that is governed under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act with a Constitution & Bylaws, and a National Policy and Procedure Manual. The League and every member in the League are mandated to comply with our governing documents.

When a woman joins The Catholic Women’s League of Canada, and/or is elected to office, she makes a promise to the League. The League promise should be visited regularly by members as a reminder of a their responsibility and commitment to our national organization of Catholic women in action for Faith, Service, and Social Justice. The following is our League promise:

“For the glory of God and the good of God’s people, I promise as a Catholic woman to honour, invoke and imitate our patroness, Our Lady of Good Counsel. I promise to be a loyal member of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada and to promote its interest and growth in every way. I promise to cooperate with League officers in all programs under their direction and to conform to the best of my ability to the bylaws of the organization in all League activities.”

The Hamilton Diocesan Council Executive Team remain committed to supporting and guiding our parish councils. May our Lady of Good Council guide, protect, and pray for us.


Advent blessings and peace to you,

Joyce Cotter, President
[email protected]

Teresa DiFalco, Vice President
[email protected]


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