Organization #1

“Every Catholic woman a member of The Catholic Women’s League”
was the membership slogan in 1938.

What does it mean to belong to The Catholic Women’s League of Canada? It means that every woman has a place in the League and can make a difference no matter their stage of life.  It means love, acceptance, friendship, prayer companionship, learning and understanding, faith and growth.  It means, one heart reaching out to another heart.

The duties of the organization chairperson are:

  • To recruit members and maintain leadership
  • Leadership development
  • League resource material
  • Annual reports
  • Life membership

What part do I play in building relationships so others will want to belong?  Well it is all in your PERCEPTION!

P – Plan

Have a membership drive
Develop a strategic plan and have a clear goal in mind
Personal contact is the most effective method
Set a timeline

E- Engage

Ask them
Ensure that prospective members feel important
Give opportunities to contribute their opinion/ideas
Encourage them to participate in League activities

R- Renew

Keep accurate and updated records of membership list
Follow up on non-renewals
Encourage reconciliation and healing

C- Communication

Advertise membership drive
Place pamphlets in easily located places
Host an Open House
Post events on parish website/bulletin

E– Evaluate

Examine the reasons for an increase or decrease in membership
Address which strategies need to be improved
Develop team building skills
Ask people to participate in a survey

P- Promote

Prepare enthusiastic sales pitch
Circulate information through “New Member’s kit”
Honour outstanding members with awards
Use League resources

T- Team

Team effort, not the work of one person
Every member invites a guest
Share in the joy of being a member through word of mouth

I- Inspire

Cherish the League’s roots in the gospel
Offer opportunities to nurture their “calling”
Participate in goodwill gestures for God’s people
Celebrate the good news of the League

O- Open-hearted

Reach out in hospitality, welcoming all women
Be inclusive from 16 years +
Plan different activities so single, families, seniors are included

N- Nurture

Empower women to share their gifts
Offer love and support
Affirm their contribution to our League

Social Justice Award 2020

Information, deadlines and application form for the provincial social justice award can be found under the Resources tab on the new diocesan website,

“The League, comprised of women in action, is a witness of the image of God serving in our world today.  Indeed, we should regard our lives as women as a great honour and privilege.  As members of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada, women have the privilege to live out the beauty and dignity of God’s plan of what it is to be woman.”

“Belonging a study program” by Vivian Bosch

May we follow in the footsteps of Mary…as we travel this road together!

Joyce Cotter
President-Elect/Organization Chair
Hamilton Diocese

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