President’s Update

My dear sisters in the League,

I hope today finds you all well. It continues to be a challenging time for all, although to differing degrees. I had hoped to be in contact with you with a comprehensive update and direction for councils long ago. Decisions about these items are not mine alone to make.

As the Catholic Women’s League of Canada is a hierarchical organization, with parish, diocesan, provincial and national levels, one level does not and can not operate in isolation. We all take direction from those levels above our own and operate following those directions. A significant challenge I and other members of the diocesan team have faced is inconsistency and conflicting opinions on foundational governance guidelines communicated to us from other levels of the League in this extraordinary time. We have also been unable to hold a valid business meeting where a plan and direction to parish council executives and members can be proposed, debated and voted upon by members of the diocesan team. Two meetings have been scheduled but were cancelled due to lack of quorum.

Simplified regional meetings will take place, in Kitchener region on October 17, in the North region on October 24 and in Hamilton region on November 14 to share some items with members. All local health guidelines will be followed. Councils are encouraged to send a representative. It is my desire that the limited information presented be available on this website, following the meetings. I look forward to seeing you then.

It is important for you to know that the Hamilton diocesan team is in need of your prayers as we struggle to move forward. I want more than anything to return to operating as the team you elected us to be, always “for God and Canada.”


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