President’s 3rd Letter

As the sun sets over the lake, our summertime draws close to an end.  It has been an exciting summer starting with our Canadian Olympic athletes showcasing their hard work and training…

Spring Spectrum Newsletter

Here is the new Spring Spectrum newsletter. The Spectrum allows the Diocesan Officers to share information and keep in touch with parish councils. Read all the latest news and letters from Diocesan Officers.

2019 Annual Report Book

Here is the 2019 annual report book. Including; messages from leadership, the Book of Life, Diocesan Officers and Committee reports, Diocesan Committee reports, Regional reports, and some special mentions.

President’s 2nd Letter

Easter is a beautiful time to rejoice and share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our lives are transformed with a new hope, a new trust and a new love through the death and resurrection of Christ.

1st letter from President Joyce Cotter

It is my pleasure and privilege to become your new Hamilton Diocesan President.  With your encouragement and support, I look forward to sharing my joy of the League with you and rejoicing in God through our shared work.

Resignation Letter

It is with a very heavy heart I announce my resignation as President of the Hamilton Diocesan team.

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