Directive 4

“Prepare the way for the Lord… and the glory of the Lord will be revealed and all His people will see it together.” Isiah 40

As members reflect on how they can prepare their hearts and homes for Christ’s birth in the world, I hope they will be strengthened, and inspired during this advent journey.

Like many parish councils, Diocesan and Provincial elections will be held in 2022.  Preparations have already begun in earnest for the Diocesan elections and eligible members will be sent information regarding this issue in the New Year.

I encourage all members to put their name forward in leadership roles if they are eligible.  Not only does it show courage & gratitude but a willingness to learn and participate in shaping the future of the League.

Many parish councils have voted on the proposed amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws (2013) and have sent the yellow copy of the completed Instructed Voting Forms to the Diocesan President and the pink copy to the National office. The deadline for receiving the Instructed Voting Forms is March 28, 2022. 

If any parish council has not received their Instructed Voting package in the mail please contact the Diocesan President at [email protected] .  The package contains the instructed voting procedures, notice of motion to amend the Constitution & Bylaws, instructed vote forms.  All materials were sent to the parish councils in December 2020.

If a council is having difficulties gathering to vote on the proposed amendments please contact the Diocesan President for further direction.  If a parish council has submitted their instructed vote but now wishes to rescind the vote on any of the instructed voting amendments, they may certainly do so.

The following instructions apply for rescinded votes:

  1. Contact national office at 204-927-2310 or email [email protected] and request a second amendments package.
  2. Follow the procedures a second time as outlined in the amendments package.
  3. Record the results of the voting in the minutes of the council.
  4. Write a cover letter and submit with the result of the voting.

One of the instructed votes is a proposed increase in national per capita fee from $13 to $25.  Some members may think this is a huge increase in their membership fee but we need to look at the reasons for national increasing the amount.  Please read the attach fact sheet written by National Secretary-Treasurer Marie Rackley.

The proposed national per capita fee increase is an extra $1 per month; just the cost of a cup of coffee, a bag of chips or an apple at the grocery store.  Councils could put aside funds to cover the increased cost for members, offer gifts of membership renewal (National website/to organize/200 series: Certificates and Pins), or hold a fundraising event.  Please think about the impact this vote will have on the future of the League both now and in the future.

The annual meeting of members will be held from May 13 – 15, 2022 at the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel.  Please mark this date on your calendars as every council president or her representative will need to attend in order to vote on the proposed instructed votes.   We will also be celebrating 100 + years of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada in Hamilton Diocese.   Many exciting events to look forward to in 2022, so look for more information in the New Year.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide us as we continue in our ministry for God and Canada.

Your Sister in Christ,

Joyce Cotter

Hamilton Diocesan President
The Catholic Women’s League of Canada


Download Directive 4 here.

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