Directive 7

“Giving encouragement to others is a most welcoming gift…”

Florence Littauer


The power of HELLO” can make a big difference in someone’s life.

H = A “happy” and kind greeting with eye contact can encourage the beginning of a conversation.

E = If “Everyone” is acknowledged, they won’t feel excluded, unwanted or unloved.

L = “Learn” that speaking to people creates a pathway into their world and it lets them come into mine.

L = “Leads” to a positive feeling and can lift up someone spirits

O = An “opportunity” to introduce the League to someone new and share our wonderful legacy and mission.



The “Welcome Program” is a wonderful resource which consists of “A Guideline for Welcoming All Members”, which gives tips and advice on how to create a welcoming environment for both new and returning members.  This guide offers best practices to welcome, affirm, and validate members; and includes Member information forms, Orientation Program, Welcome Kit, Companionship Program, Validation Program and Resources.


Executive Listing

Please update your council executive listing, especially those councils who may be having an election in January/February2022.  The online fill in form can be found by following this link:  A printable form that you can fill in manually and send to me by mail can also be found on the website, under the resource tab.


Annual Reports

It is that time of year to submit an Annual Report Survey for each portfolio in your council.  The surveys provide valuable insight into council’s activities and the topics that are important to members. These reports enables us to develop programs to meet the needs of the councils and help keep members engaged.  It also meets a statutory requirement for Not-For-Profit organizations. The deadline for submission of online reports is January 15, 2022.

President’s Report

Many councils have continued to do great things during the pandemic.  We would love to read about all the wonderful happenings in your parish and acknowledge your councils work and achievements.  The president’s report will be recognized in the Annual Convention report book.

Your report:

  • Not to exceed one full page
  • One inch margins on all sides
  • Verdana font 12 for body of report
  • State name of council, name of president, spiritual advisor and number of members
  • Send reports to [email protected]
  • Deadline March 30, 2022


Frances Lovering Award

The Frances Lovering Award was instituted in 2000 to honour Frances Lovering, a member of the first national executive of the Catholic Women’s League and our first diocesan president.  There has been no candidates nominated for the 2021 award.  I know there are members who continue to give of their time and service for the League.  Please consider nominating a special member for the Frances Lovering Award.  Forms can be found on the Hamilton CWL website and sent to [email protected]

Download Directive 7 here.

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