Hamilton Diocesan Council Elections

Hamilton Diocesan Council elections for the 2022 – 2024 term will be held in May at our annual convention.

To those of our many members who are eligible to let their names stand for diocesan office for the 2022 – 2024 term, I invite you to take time to pray and discern as you make your decision.

“What gifts and talents do I have to offer?
Am I called to offer my name for election to the Hamilton Diocesan Council?
How can I best contribute to the Hamilton Diocesan Council? What role would allow me to best share my talents?
Am I truly able to make this commitment?”

 Adopted from:  https://prayer.knowing-jesus.com/Prayers-for-Discernment

Pray to Our Lady of Good Counsel asking her to guide your thoughts as to where the unique gifts that God has given you can best be shared as you respond to your call to service to the League in Hamilton Diocese.

Election nominations forms are on their way

Joan Schurter
Elections Chair

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