Indigenous Education Series Workshop on the Impacts of Colonization in Canada

Dear League Sisters,

Your Hamilton Diocesan Executive is pleased to present and sponsor a custom tailored Indigenous Education Series Workshop on the Impacts of Colonization in Canada. The workshop consists of (8) two-hour virtual sessions, which are scheduled to take place on Wednesday evenings from 7pm – 9pm, starting February 16, 2022.

Developed and presented by sought-after keynote speaker and social justice expert Amanda DiFalco, who is also an accredited educator dedicated to raising awareness on Indigenous Issues in Canada. Amanda will be joined by Indigenous Elder Wilamina McGrimmond, Frog Clan, TI’az’ten Nation. Wilamina McGrimmond serves as a spiritual healer, warrior for missing and murdered women and girls, and also an advocate for Indigenous issues in Canada.

There are only 100 spots availableRegistrants must be able to commit to all 8 sessions. Be the first to register and secure your spot for this exclusive workshop.  Pre-registration will be available for members of the Hamilton Diocese from January 24 – January 27, 2022. Registration will open up to the Provincial Membership on January 28th.

Members may contact me (Teresa DiFalco) by email at [email protected] OR by phone at 905-643-6819 to register, once registration opens.  If leaving a message, please provide your first and last name, your parish council and city/town, your email address and a number where you can be reached.

We truly hope that members will embrace this special initiative as a means of connectivness, spiritual growth and League development, learning about the Indigenous Issues in Canada, and how we as members of the CWL can help towards truth and reconciliation, and building relations with our Indigenous sisters and brothers.

Always remember that we value, appreciate, welcome, and love you, for all who you are, and for all that you do, for God and for Canada!


Download the PDF here.

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