Letter to Councils – January 2021

January 20, 2021

Several presidents, on behalf of their executives, and members have asked for some guidance regarding the instructed vote packages sent to councils in December. These votes are on critical matters impacting the League for many years to come, and every member must be given the best possible opportunity to participate. These packages were sent via regular mail to the address on file for each council president at the national office. The packages contain introductory letters, notices of each of the motions for consideration, background information and rationale for the proposed motions and the instructed voting forms themselves. If you have not received a package in the mail, please contact your regional chair and she will have the national office send another package to you. Regional chairs are as follows and can be reached using their role specific email addresses:

Kitchener & North Regions Chair – Francesca Simone

[email protected]
[email protected]

Hamilton & Brant Regions Chair – Diana Quildon

[email protected]
[email protected]

For your convenience and for ease of distribution to members, PDF copies of the information included in the packages have been provided for you here on the diocesan website;

Please share the information with as many members of your council as is possible.  Councils are encouraged to download the information and send to members via regular mail, email or provide the link above.  The physical instructed vote forms, in triplicate, must be obtained from the national office and completed as directed, when the time comes.

Some frequently asked questions and answers:

Q – What is the next step in the process?
A – Distribute the information to as many members as you can. Organize a team to contact members and discuss the contents of the information provided and what members think about the proposed motions. As the deadline for the instructed vote has been extended to March 2022, there will likely be time to discuss the proposal with members in person.

Q – When is the vote required to be taken in my council?
A – The previously announced deadline for instructed voting at the parish level has been extended to March 2022, with the diocesan, provincial and national instructed votes taking place in spring/summer 2022.

Q – How can an in-person meeting be arranged when current government gathering restrictions are in place?
A – The health and safety of all members is the primary concern of the national board. The extension of the vote reflects circumstances that either prevent in-person gatherings or a reluctance of members to gather where gatherings are permitted. Distribution of the information to members is vital so that when you do gather, the votes can be completed in an efficient manner.

Q – What happens if government gathering restrictions are not lifted in time for an in-person vote to take place by March 2022?
A – The national office will be providing continuing guidance as circumstances evolve. Members of the diocesan executive will be following government gathering restrictions closely and considering alternatives, if required. Please check back to the website for updated information. Notice of any updates and guidance on how to proceed will also be sent to councils through the regional chairs.

As is true with all instructed votes in the Catholic Women’s League of Canada, it is vital that the voice of all members in all councils be heard. These extraordinary times will make arranging these instructed votes a little more challenging but please know that all levels of the League are committed to ensuring a representative voting process for all.

May you be richly blessed as you continue your service…for God and Canada

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